Pair the ZipZap Wisepad with your smartphone, tablet or Windows Desktop using the free ZipZap app and accept card payments anywhere



  • Connect via bluetooth to ZipZap app  or USB on Windows Desktop

  • Send e-receipts via SMS or email

  • View transactions through the app or our POS portal 

  • ZipZap is the only Windows compatible mPOS solution


Download the App to get started

How do I use the ZipZap reader?

  • The reader connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet or by USB to your Windows computer, which then connects to the internet to send transactions securely to our payments gateway.

  • Enter the value of the card transaction, insert or swipe your customer’s card through your ZipZap reader, pass the reader to your customer to enter their PIN.

  • The ZipZap card reader is also available with a stand for just R699 should you want it in a fixed location.

  • Customers can receive receipts via email or SMS at no extra cost. No paper needed!

  • Need to void (reverse) a purchase, it’s just as simple as making a purchase, just follow the easy prompts on your app. .

Is it secure?

  • ZipZap uses the latest in encryption technologies to ensure your credit card transactions are safe and secure and your customer’s details are protected.

  • ZipZap is PCI compliant.

  • The machine is fully compliant with international security standards and best practices.

  • ZipZap uses the latest in Point to Point encryption (P2PE).

  • Mobile POS using ZipZap is certified and recommended by VISA and MasterCard.

  • ZipZap connects privately to your smartphone or computer via Bluetooth or USB.

How do I keep track of transactions?

On the ZipZap app

You can view all transactions by selecting “Transactions” on the menu icon on the top right of the screen. It’s broken down into 3 tabs: “Today”, “Past month” and “All transactions”. Details of each transaction will be displayed on the screen and by selecting the “Plus” icon at the top of the screen, you will be able to select an action to be performed with this transaction such as issuing a refund from a transaction on the same day only or re-sending a customer receipt.

On the online merchant portal

You can view transaction details, track card transactions daily, weekly and monthly and compare to previous periods. Keys stats are featured on a dashboard, giving you valuable insight and visibility of your card transactions.

With this information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to predict seasonal trends and plan better. You are able to export transaction data to Excel for detailed analysis and search for specific transactions.

You will also be able to update your profile on the portal, explore FAQs and “click to call” our Contact Center straight from your phone.

Visit your merchant portal here

Monthly statements

Monthly statements are sent via email in the first few days of each month for the previous month, simply open the PDF, review and file for future reference.