Nicolls Supermarket

“I find ZipZap to be very user-friendly and much more cost-effective than other POS solutions. It really is a perfect solution for any small business. Turnover has almost doubled since I took over the business, and I’m sure that ZipZap has had a role to play. My customers are better-off that they have the option to pay with cards, and I find that they often spend more than they would have with cash.”

Dave Nicoll, owner, Nicolls Supermarket

Republic Metering

“It’s a pleasure working with ZipZap. The solution has a lot of moving parts and when it comes to customer support ZipZap are always on top of it. Their willingness to innovate and accommodate new requests is unmatched.” Andre Erasmus, founder of Republic Metering.

Pin-Up Laser Studio

Welma Bornman who runs the business with her daughter says that because the beauty industry is so incredibly competitive, they need to stay at the top of their game by continually investing in new technology.