Simply Sam Trading

Sam is a Francophile so her web site includes a fabulous cache of unusual French inspired goodies, but she is also a fan of the beautiful and unusual gifts that come from South African job creation projects so it offers a wonderfully eclectic and broad selection of gifts.

If you’re wondering why an online store needs a mobile POS solution, the answer is simple. Sometimes they deliver items to customers, and sometimes they participate in trade shows where they sell off their stand, so they wanted the flexibility of allowing customers to pay by card.

They have another interesting sales outlet: Sam’s daughter often sells products at school. Being able to use ZipZap to accept card payments means that not only does she never lose a sale, but the volume of sales she makes have, in fact, increased since they bought their ZipZap device.

For someone who likes vintage things, Sam is an early adopter – she’s had ZipZap since it came onto the market. “I liked it the moment I saw it. I liked the fact that it worked with a smart phone and that it was portable so I could take it with me wherever I went.”

As for set-up, support and training, the fact that Sam’s school-going daughter routinely uses ZipZap speaks volumes about ease of use. Says Sam: “It’s so easy for both me and my daughter to use, and hardly required any training at all.”

Above all, Sam liked the fact that ZipZap was reasonably priced and cost effective. She chose the option of buying her device outright, not least because there are no additional costs attached to this option but also because the commission payments to the bank are low. She says this made ZipZap even more attractive to her.

The name Simply Sam Trading is accurate in every sense: Sam likes to keep things simple and she’s a true trader at heart, so ZipZap seems to have been made for a business like hers. In her own words, “ZipZap has changed Simply Sam Trading for the better by giving us the flexibility to sell anywhere, anytime”.