Republic Metering

Republic Metering and ZipZap – perfectly paired to disrupt the South African utility sector

Republic Metering is transforming the future of utility management in South Africa through smart, innovative thinking and solutions. Quite simply, they take the guesswork out of electricity and water usage for property and business owners, by offering real-time accurate billing, municipal verification, tariff analysis, leak detection, tenant billing and more.


An idea is born

The evolution of electrical and water metering created an opportunity for Republic Metering to offer an end-to-end smart billing and revenue collection platform for domestic, commercial and industrial markets. Previously customers had to rely on different service providers for different solutions.  


Andre Erasmus, founder of Republic Metering said, “Adding a point-of-sale solution to our smart metering system just made business sense. But being a small company with a new idea wasn’t met with open arms – until we met the ZipZap team. They were approachable, professional and offered a lot of advice and support during the design stage. If I look at what we have achieved now as a solution I’m so happy we partnered with ZipZap.”


The ZipZap effect

ZipZap is an innovative mobile POS (point of sale) solution that allows businesses to accept credit and debit card payments anywhere at any time. The addition of an integrated POS solution to the smart metering system allows customers to recharge their water or electricity account at any time using a card machine on-site.


The new revenue stream has changed the game for Republic Metering. Customers are blown away by the detailed information accessible at the click of a button, and the ease of paying for water and electricity on-site adds to the seamless customer experience.


Andre adds, “It’s a pleasure working with ZipZap. The solution has a lot of moving parts and when it comes to customer support ZipZap are always on top of it. Their willingness to innovate and accommodate new requests is unmatched.”


Where to next?

“The way people see prepaid electricity and water metering services is being disrupted dramatically through clever technology. Our new offering is the start of a very exciting time for the South African utility sector.”


Republic Metering partnered with ZipZap at the end of 2017 and currently have around 100 customers testing different models. Watch this space as they plan for their official launch in January 2020.