Red Pig Technologies rides with ZipZap

Red Pig Technologies is the South African wholesaler and distributer of Ultimate Addons – robust motorcycle accessories which include a range of cases and mounts for phones, tablets, GPS and action cams. Owner, Michael Wilkinson, a biker and gadget lover at heart believes he’s found a perfect niche with the UK designed product.

In order to make the motorcycle crowd aware of the new product, he spent a lot of time at auto shows, and needed a cashless payment solution for customers without cash on them. His requirements included something that was mobile, ultra-portable and cost-effective. After much online research he found exactly what he was looking for in ZipZap mobile POS, a Paycorp product.

When asked about ZipZap’s set-up, training and ease of use he says, “Set-up, training, you’re kidding right? It’s so simple to use that no one should need training!” But the real game changer for Michael is that he doesn’t pay when he’s not using his terminal. “The payment structure is the best on the market, and when you pay per transaction, the 2,75% transaction fee is hard to beat.”

He continues, “As a small business, every sale counts. I can’t tell you how many sales we would have lost without our trusted ZipZap. It’s hard to believe that any business can operate in today’s environment without giving customers the option to pay by card. It’s great to see that there are options like ZipZap that cater perfectly for SMEs.”

Michael has doubled his retail dealer network with close to twenty retail partners and also offers customers the convenience of buying online through his online store Michael concludes, “I’ve got big plans in the pipeline and I’m really excited to grow my business with a partner like ZipZap.”