Proudfoot House

Schwann Proudfoot is the owner and designer at Proudfoot House, a fledgling leather bag manufacturer. She began producing bags as a hobby in 2013, which turned into start-up business in 2015. Schwann has always been passionate about creating beautiful things and believes that designing is in her blood. With no formal design qualifications, she treats each bespoke piece like a puzzle while envisioning the end product.

Proudfoot House is growing rapidly. In just one year of operating, its products are stocked in five retail stores and they trade at markets at least twice a month. Initially Proudfoot relied on cash as their primary payment method, but soon realised that it wasn’t the most convenient choice for customers, as product prices start at R500. Schwann discovered ZipZap mobile POS, a Paycorp product, through a Google search, and hasn’t looked back.

Schwann says, “I’m not technically minded at all, but found the set-up easy as pie, and using it is just as straightforward. Once I’ve connected the ZipZap card reader to the free ZipZap app on my smartphone via Bluetooth my customer uses the reader to swipe their card or inserts their chip & PIN card and enters their PIN.”

She believes that having a mobile POS solution has had a direct impact on the company’s higher turnover. She also has a better understanding of her sales because of the online reports that ZipZap offers. Being a small business owner, Schwann sees substantial benefit in the low costs associated with ZipZap, and especially the fact that she only pays when the mPOS  device is used.

She concludes, “For me, it’s the ultimate small business accessory. We no longer have to turn away customers who don’t have enough cash on them – there’s now no excuse for customers not to treat themselves to a lovely locally made leather bag!”