Nicolls Supermarket

Nicolls Supermarket is a small convenience store in Bushman’s River Mouth – a little village just across the Bushman’s River from Kenton-on-Sea. After owning the store for 18 years, Dave Nicoll retired, but subsequent owners did an appalling job at managing the store, so Dave took it over again in 2013. He inherited a traditional POS solution with a relatively high monthly rental that wasn’t feasible (apart from December) for the conservative turnover of the community supermarket - which services small numbers of locals and tourists.

A POS solution with no rental fees

When Dave heard about ZipZap mPOS without any fixed monthly rentals he was delighted. “I only used the traditional POS solution for six months before I was introduced to ZipZap, and I opted to change over immediately. I was up and running quite quickly, and find it to be very user-friendly and much more cost-effective than other POS solutions. It really is a perfect solution for any small business.”

Card payments allow for extra spend

Dave is thankful that he could continue taking card payments, as he’s aware that most consumers don’t carry cash. He added, “My turnover has almost doubled since taking over the business again. My customers are better-off that they have the option to pay with cards, and I find that they often spend more than they would have with cash.”