Buffalo Sporting Supplies

Buffalo Sporting Supplies shoots ahead with ZipZap mobile payments

Buffalo Sporting Supplies is a one-stop gun shop in Phalaborwa, Limpopo that offers firearms and ammunition, as well as shooting or hunting accessories. The store services locals and tourists, and is recognised for its exceptional industry knowledge and customer service.

Owner Riaan de Wet, who previously only accepted cash or an in-store internet transfer as a payment method, realised that it was time to start looking into a POS solution after many years of thinking that it wasn’t necessary. “We regularly demonstrate our firearms at tradeshows and events away from the store, and we began losing out on potential sales when customers didn’t have cash on them.”

Riaan heard about ZipZap online, and after getting the go-ahead from his auditor, signed up for the cost-effective mPOS solution. He was impressed by the thorough security controls and was proud to be an early adaptor of the product, having purchased the first unit in Limpopo.

Soaring sales and on-the-spot convenience

Buffalo Sporting Supplies has been using ZipZap for about a year and find it to be a quick and easy solution. “The on-the-spot convenience has made managing payments easier and more efficient for both my team and our customers. It literally works wherever there is cellphone signal, and I love the fact that it’s portable and mobile.”

“Besides the convenience, the use of ZipZap has led to a substantial increase in turnover. We find that our regular customers are spending more, and we’re accessing entirely new markets at tradeshows. I really couldn’t live without it.” he said.

Riaan de Wet, owner, Buffalo Sporting Supplies