Bliksem Blades

Bliksem Blades is a cut above the rest thanks to ZipZap

Bliksem Blades & Gifts is a family run business based in Machadodorp, a small town in Mpumalanga. Johan Schemel, his wife Martha and son Justin are all involved in business – the men produce handcrafted knifes and belts, while Martha creates custom-made pens.

Being an outdoor kind of family with a love for knives, they thought they would turn their passion into a business opportunity, and so Bliksem Blades & Gifts was born in early 2015. The business sells its products at markets where customers don’t usually carry large amounts of cash. Johan realised that he needed a point-of-sale solution after turning away one too many potential customers without enough cash on them. He took to the internet to research his best option, and after analysing a range of solutions, decided on ZipZap mobile POS by Paycorp. Johan says, “Ease of use was my number one requirement, as well a solution that was cost-effective, mobile and offered good service.”

Johan found the initial set-up very easy. “Once you’ve been told how to operate it once, it’s straightforward; the call centre really exceeded my expectations with their advice. And if I don’t use the ZipZap device that often during a slow period, I don’t have to worry about a monthly fee. The pay-as-you-go model works well for me.”

Sales have increased for Bliksem Blades & Gifts since using ZipZap as the business no longer turns customers away without enough cash. Because the business sells impulse buys, it can capitalise on passing trade who already have enough knives, pens or belts, but simply can’t resist another beautiful handcrafter product!

Johan concludes: “In today’s fast-paced environment, people don’t want to wait around, even during their time off. ZipZap offers quick, easy, cost-effective service to small business and their customers.”