Business hack: sales techniques to help you never lose a sale

No one likes to be sold to. We all instinctively recoil when we can see through a sales pitch or when a product is clearly being shoved down our throats. Salespeople are probably among the most disliked professionals after lawyers and bankers (just think of the archetypal used-car salesman). Knowing all of this, businesses still need to sell. The goal then becomes to sell to your prospective customers with subtlety and a strategy that doesn’t come across as creepy, aggressive or pesky. In short, start with a conversation and end with a deal. Oh, and remember the following tips:

Earn the right to sell to them

Are you selling ice to an Eskimo? Or are you selling the same brand of ice as everyone else? Then you probably shouldn’t be trying to sell yet. One of the most basic sales techniques is distinguishing your product from the rest. Value proposition or added value, whatever you prefer to call it, it’s crucial. What features do you plan on talking up during your pitch? What can you do for the person listening that no one else can? If you’re scratching your head through some of these questions, then your pitch (or your offering) might need a little polishing.

Take no for an answer

The longest moments of anyone’s life are probably the time after you’ve already said no to a sale but the salesperson keeps trying to convince you otherwise. It’s enough to turn you off the brand for good. “No” isn’t always the end of a sale (because not all sales are immediate); it can be the beginning of a different sale for another product, or it could just mean “not yet”. The important thing to is extract some useful information from their “no”. You need to casually get them to tell you why they aren’t interested, while making it clear that you are backing off. But secretly you’ll know that you’ll be back again, better prepared.

Educate them towards buying your product

Consumers have become more demanding of their brands with time. They don’t just want products anymore, they want experiences. A sales technique that will give your customers a worthwhile experience and position your offering in the centre consists of providing good old-fashioned information. Start by making them the protagonist of the sales journey by asking them what problem they would like solved. Then, inform them of all the different ways that they could solve their problem, eventually suggesting what you have to offer as the best solution. Not only will they feel valued by you and your business, but they’ll also be confident that they made the right decision in choosing your product because they were given all the information upfront.

If all else fails, trick ‘em

Maybe not trick them, per se, but rather use psychology and human behaviour to your advantage. There are phrases and prompts that have been proven to almost close sales. Phrases like “is there any reason that you wouldn’t be interested in our product?”, or “when would you be ready to buy?”, or the highly impactful “should I sign you up for service X or service Y?” Human beings are highly suggestible and some artful turn of phrase can mean the difference between a “maaaaaybe” and an “absolutely!”.

The last and most important thing you need to be able to do in order to close your sales is have all that’s necessary to accept payments once they’re ready to buy. A ZipZap mPOS card reader is light and portable and you can whip it out of your pocket and transact before they change their minds. Find out more in our brochure.