The Beergineer and Growler perfect their craft with the help of ZipZap

To hear Sean “The Beergineer” Watts wax lyrical about the manufacturing of beer and how some unpronounceable ingredient lends that imperceptible quality to the brew, you’d think he was quite a fanatic. But it all comes from his passion for what he does. If he’s not brewing craft beer for Growler Brewing Company, he’s promoting it at every market and beer festival that will have him. Because, as he puts it, the best business advice he’s ever received was “do what you love and don’t ever give up.” Thanks to ZipZap, that’s a lot easier for Sean to achieve.

Growler Brewing Company isn’t just any brewery; they’re a microbrewery that produces craft beer, which aligns perfectly with Sean’s passion. Sean has been in the home brewing and craft beer industry for years. As The Beergineer he’s partnered with a few breweries, as a brewer and a brand ambassador, until finally finding his home with Growler. His mission is to expand the palate of the beer-drinking public from the very limited taste spectrum commercial beer provides.

“I can talk about the style of Irish Red Ale for 20 minutes if I have to. To help the person understand what the style is about, why it tastes the way tastes and some of its history. I’m and ambassador for craft beer before I am an ambassador for any brand,” he says.

Because ATMs are often inaccessible for market and beer festival attendees, Sean started to notice a need for a back-up payment method to cash. As he tells it, after delivering one of his impassioned speeches (he prefers to call it “evangelising”) about craft beer, someone would always ask him, using the universal hand signal for swiping, if he accepted card or not. And that’s when he decided to invest in mPOS.

“There’s nothing like seeing the relief on a customer’s face when they ask ‘do you take card?’ and you answer ‘yes, I do!’ That look on their face that tells you that their experience isn’t ruined.” He goes on to add that he prefers the way ZipZap works over other mPOS products on the market because it’s not tethered to his phone and works completely wirelessly.

“When I got ZipZap, it was a once-off price versus R900 or a R1000 a month [with other competitors] before I’ve even made a transaction. ZipZap was the better choice.”