The recent water deficiency in Johannesburg left a huge number of residents without access to running water. While the majority of people see the situation as an enormous issue, it's a flawless case of an entrepreneurial opportunity. By having the capacity to tackle an issue or supply a product or service that is sought after forms a strong foundation of any business.

With the case of Gauteng's water emergency, entrepreneurs who jumped at the chance to provide water would need to have the means to accept all types of payments, at any time of day. Without the use of a portable POS, benefiting from the situation would be troublesome, not to mention less gainful.

Transforming the situation into an opportunity relies on quick action

Effective, imaginative business visionaries are always on the look for potential gaps in the market. Once they've recognised an opportunity, having the capacity to seize it before anyone else is essential. Capitalising on a crisis situation, like the Joburg's water emergency, depends on being prepared for when an opportunity presents itself. There's no use in wanting to offer water to those in need in the event that you're sitting tight, waiting for an application for a credit card machine to be processed. In the same vein, just having the capacity to only accept money is unhelpful if customers can only pay via card. A portable card machine allows for quick acceptance of card payments which empower entrepreneurs to capitalize on what could be an extraordinarily lucrative situation.

Entrepreneurs for the most part need to work with a constrained measure of capital while their business is still in its beginnings

Entrepreneurs who're simply starting out don't have the advantage of a steady cash-flow. What's more, most new businesses operate remotely, either from a home, or on the move. Conventional credit card machines, which are frequently fixed to a landline, are not generally the best option. A portable card machine is economical, as well as available at a once-off fee and for those working with a tight budget, this can mean the difference between straying into the red or making a profit. An additional advantage is that there is no monthly rental. You only pay when you transact, so no expenses are brought about when you're not making money.

Having the capacity to accept payments anywhere, whenever, is necessary for a start-up's success

Every successful business person knows that the initial couple of months of a business' life involves late evenings, early mornings and an excessive measure of commitment. Offering water to Jozi residents would require working nights, as many individuals leave for work in the early hours of the morning and only return home after five. If your clients were without money, you'd be able to use a mobile card machine for instant, secure payments. Not only does a mobile card machine make working at inconvenient times of the day conceivable, it shields against non-payments as an effect of promised EFTs that never reflect.