Maintaining a small business is difficult even under the most favorable of circumstances. You're not just rivaling bigger, more settled organisations, you're additionally tasked with all the other jobs that are generally spread out among the business.

You must be a secretary, businessperson, bookkeeper and executive, all at the same time. Basically, a multi-skilled expert of multi-tasking. As the success of your business rides on you, and only you, it's to your advantage to do all that you can to ensure your business venture succeeds. If your company is mobile, the stakes are considerably higher. In case you're feeling overwhelmed, dread not. We'll investigate the ways ZipZap has empowered two small organisations to reinforce their customer satisfaction, income and most importantly ROI.

Le Bonheur guest house has upgraded its customer satisfaction thanks to their ZipZap mobile card machine.

Jennifer Johnson, co-owner of McGregor's Le Bonheur guest house, is now ready to give her walk-in customers an easy and convenient solution to pay. “Guests used to have to pay via cash or EFT, which worked, to a point,” says Jennifer: “ZipZap mobile point-of-sale has further enhanced the customer experience within our business, and we no longer need to turn walk-in customers away, which has resulted in greater profits.” Besides an expansion in income, Le Bonheur is just one of the few establishments that can accept card payments.

Visitors who haven't experienced mPOS before are interested by the versatile payment method. Likewise, Le Bonheur has now situated itself as a business that uses this cutting-edge innovation, something not usually associated with a little farming town like McGregor. “I am really impressed with the technology and how simple it is to turn my smartphone into a POS device. All I need is the Bluetooth card reader and the free ZipZap app.” Jennifer says.

ZipZap's mPOS has empowered bespoke gems store Dragon Fly to significantly expand its income.

Karien van der Walt, silversmith and owner of Dragon Fly, used to risk not taking a payment prior to using the option of a mobile card machine. Also situated in McGregor, Karien's customers are mainly weekend shoppers.

The larger part of her clients don't carry money, which means that their only other payment option was an EFT transfer. Karien clarifies: “I would occasionally let a customer take the stock and do an EFT later if I had a good feeling about them, but it just became too risky.”

The business required a mobile payment method that wasn't dependent on a PC or landline, which made ZipZap's mobile card machine the ideal solution.

Other than seeing a marked increase in sales, Karien has been able to defend against losing income because of careless or dishonest customers. She's additionally been able to further reinforce her income as she doesn't need to pay a monthly rental charge for her mPOS.

She says: “ZipZap mobile point-of-sale is a convenient, mobile option that has enabled us to increase our turnover and better service our customers. I’m not quite sure how we ever functioned without it!”