Here’s how mobile card machines enhance South African business

Mobile card machines aren't only for large operations. Truth be told, our product, ZipZap, was designed to help small, single-owner run organisations to develop their businesses. Above all, great client service is the one quality that transforms once-off clients into steadfast customers. If you’re ready to offer your customers a snappy, hassle-free approach to payments, you're well on the way to demonstrating that your business is one that puts its clients first. By having the capacity to accept card payments, you're ready to guarantee that you'll never pass up a major opportunity for a deal again.

We've previously blogged about how ZipZap has supported the jewellery business, Dragon Fly Studios. This week, we'd like to share the tale of another of our fulfilled clients who's expanded her revenue, simply from having the capacity to offer a credit card machine to her visitors.

With the help of ZipZap, Margaret's Place guest house can now accommodate overseas business travellers.

A privately run and owned guest house in Johannesburg, the financial centre of South Africa,, Margaret's Place was founded when owner Margaret Adams saw a gap in the market for affordable and convenient rooms for business travellers. Having been a business traveller herself, Margaret was acquainted with the additional benefits that entice professional guests.

Up to this point, Margaret's Place worked effectively using just EFT installments for bookings, as its customers mostly comprised South African businesspeople. But, at the point when local organisations began tightening their purses, and business travel decreased as a result, Margaret began searching for new sources of income and focused on the overseas business market. This new market required a credit card machine for her to accept payments.

Margaret's first connection with ZipZap was when we sent her a complimentary plant for her guest house. "I was intrigued by the innovative marketing approach and decided to find out more. I wasn’t actually looking for a point-of-sale solution, but it came at a good time, and I was interested in the attractive price, mobility and ongoing transaction history that it offered.” When Margaret's Place picked ZipZap versatile POS, the set-up was fast and simple.

New innovation in technology makes for an exciting conversation, as most visitors haven't seen a versatile credit card machine in South Africa until they stay at Margaret's House.

ZipZap gets a conversation started with clients, who are interested in how a cellphone, the ZipZap Bluetooth card reader and a free app can turn into a complete POS solution. Today, overseas business travellers make up 60% of the business' client base, and thanks to ZipZap, no potential reservations have been lost. The guest house can separate itself from neighbouring guest houses who don't offer credit card payment options.

Margaret closes, “I have experienced only good things from ZipZap. All in all, it’s affordable, offers great support and the detailed monthly sales report incorporates everything I need to run my business.”

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