Effectively running a cash based business is staggeringly difficult to do given our expanding dependence on cashless sale strategies. This implies card readers have turned into a vital apparatus, particularly for mobile businesses. Your regular customers might know by now that you only accept cash, but you're missing out on a generous flow of business from shoppers who like to pay via card.

Your particular business needs will determine what sort of payment processing device would best work for you. There are many different card machines you can consider:

Traditional Terminals

A traditional credit card machine connects with the bank by means of a built-in modem and a telephone line. This little machine lets you swipe a credit or charge card, enter the sale sum on a keypad, take the payment and print a receipt for yourself and the customer. Useful in many different circumstances these types are widely used.

Remote Credit Card Readers

These card readers work wirelessly, connected to a base station similar looking and functioning to the traditional type terminal and are perfect for taking payments in a restaurant or at a service station etc.

Manual Credit Card Readers

These were the very first credit card payment processors. Remember the kind that uses a swiper to imprint the raised areas of the credit card onto transfer paper? Bulky and very laborious as the captured information still has to be typed up and sent to the bank.

Portable POS Devices

A contrasting option to all the above, mobile POS uses Bluetooth technology. These gadgets work by either giving you a means to physically enter card numbers, or with an extra bit of equipment that interfaces with a cellphone or tablet allowing you to swipe a card’s magnetic stripe.

Remember, your card reader needs to be from a supplier who is innovative and ahead of the technological curve. Nothing changes quite as fast as technology and you need to bear this in mind when buying a device.

Upgrades should be easy and inexpensive when improvements arise, it also needs to be flexible enough to grow with your expanding business without needing to be replaced entirely.

Because the software of a mobile POS device sits on a smartphone it can be quickly and easily updated and should you hire more staff, the software can simply be downloaded onto the smartphones they already own! No need to purchase extra equipment making this solution highly flexible.