One of the opportunities a mobile business presents is the ability to accommodate clients where and when it suits them. This added value of good customer service is the secret sauce of every successful business.

Whether you are a 24/7 plumber, a private yoga instructor or the proud owner of the hippest food truck in town you want to give your customers the best experience possible from every interaction with you. If you’re mobile business you’re probably using a mobile POS to take electronic payments in addition to cash. (If you are not, read on to see how this nifty addition can up your profits).

Paying by card anytime, anywhere is still a fairly new concept for most South African consumers, this means you need to be aware of giving them reassurance around your ability to take cashless payments.

We have a list of four ‘must haves’ customers want when dealing with a mobile merchant.

Number one: Security

No-one cares how convenient it is if their account is going to be vulnerable. When people are paying with a credit or debit card they want to know the process is secure. You can’t afford to be the victim of fraud and certainly your customers don’t! Make sure your supplier is industry certified and uses a secure chip and pin device. This means information entered on the pad goes directly to the bank and is not stored on your phone. See the PCI website for more information on how PCI compliance protects you and your customers.

Number two: Convenience

In today’s busy life your customers really value convenience, your business being mobile already feeds into this. If you make this convenience end-to-end from service delivery to payment you are well on your way to having a customer for life. It is essential you have the ability to take any form of payment that suits them at the time, whether it be cash or card.

Number three: Clear communication

Always explain what you are doing and how your device works. This is especially important in South Africa where this form of payment processing is relatively new. Your customers will appreciate that you take their peace of mind and protection very seriously. You’ll only have to explain it once and after that they will be comfortable making payment in this way going forward.

Number four: Issue receipts for transactions

Just because it’s a mobile device doesn’t mean you can’t give someone a proof of purchase or receipt. In keeping with its groundbreaking technological approach to solve the need for payment processing anytime, anywhere, mPOS solves the receipt problem with technology as well. You can issue a receipt via email or in the form of an SMS! The fact that all transactions are on record electronically also saves you from the headache of storing and organising bits of paper in the administration of your business. It also offers detailed tracking of your revenue stream.

Businesses who focus their attention on customer satisfaction above all, will flourish. This means assessing your offering from the customer's point of view and giving them what they want.