The streetwise guide to getting your small business trending on social media

Historically, businesses have resisted social media more than they have embraced it. The general attitude is that it’s too fickle and unpredictable to invest any long-term strategy into. What all of that actually comes down to is a lack of creativity. Social media is the new marketplace; in between the selfies and hashtags is a gap where a lot of commerce can take place, especially for a promising small business like yours. Shrugging off old marketing models might seem difficult, but by the end of this blog we hope to show you that it’s a lot easier than it appears.

Keep it pretty and unforgettable on Instagram

Instagram, the photo and video sharing social network, has made it easier for people to visually document their lifestyles for all of their friends to covet. In a stream of over 80-million photos a day, it’s all about standing out with striking photography. Until recently, Instagram didn’t allow ads and promoted posts, forcing entrepreneurs to get creative to reach consumers. Competitions have become an effective way for businesses to draw more followers to their page – users are encouraged to tag their friends in comments, share the post and follow the account in order to win, and this strategy has proven successful time and again. The rules of getting noticed on Instagram are simple: put thought into the aesthetic of your posts, maximise on hashtags, give stuff away for free in exchange for likes and shares, and use video sparingly.

Connect with your biggest fans on Facebook

Facebook has the largest number of users of all the social networks – 1.23-billion monthly active users, to be exact. Facebook, unlike Instagram, has a more communal feel to it; it’s like a giant neighbourhood connected by the same bulletin board. Users come together to share, discuss, celebrate and grieve. What you need to do as a business is position yourself at the centre of those activities. Post useful and regular updates about your brand and don’t shy away from sharing relevant content by third parties. Use Facebook ads to target local customers and boost your posts to make them even more targeted. Finally, and most importantly, interact with customers whether they bring compliments or complaints.

Become an influencer with LinkedIn

What makes LinkedIn so useful is that it prioritises the accuracy of user and account information, and you can put this to good use finding the leads you really want and channelling your attention towards them. LinkedIn groups are also a great way of collecting a group of users or accounts around a common interest. If you start a LinkedIn group, make sure the title and description of the group are clear, accurate and unambiguous. Whatever you share to groups needs to be useful, relevant and unimpeachable. That’s how you establish yourself as an influencer.

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