In a pioneering move by ZipZap, our card reader provides an additional card reader that enables companies and venders to connect to a Windows computer via a USB port as well as the standard Bluetooth capabilities.

Wayne Abramson, CEO of ATM Solutions and EFTPOS, the point-of-sale (POS) subsidiary of Paycorp said: "We like to provide a range of solutions that will cater to the needs of all our customers. The South African retail sector is vibrant and inventive, but constantly economically pinched, hence the extremely competitive pricing of ZipZap, coupled with transaction rates that are among the lowest in the market."

ZipZap is the only South African mPOS solution that offers a card reader that can be used across all current mobile operating systems (Blackberry, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Desktop) and is the only one offering a solution compatible with all the latest Windows devices.

“Because we sustain multiple partnerships with numerous service providers, we can give our customers the best possible solutions to suit their needs, which includes being able to accept secure mobile payments on the platform of their choice,” said Abramson.

ZipZap provides advantages for businesses and merchants that have previously had to take cash payments or rely on their customers to pay via EFT. ZipZap accepts card payments anywhere, anytime and on any internet connection, providing merchants with the peace of mind that comes from knowing payments are instant and they don’t have to worry about chasing slow payers.

ZipZap uses the merchant’s smartphone or tablet to accept all card payments by connecting to a separate and secure card reader. It provides merchants with a service that allows them to issue e-receipts via SMS or email, as well as view a detailed transaction history via the free ZipZap app or an online merchant portal.

An added advantage is that provided the card reader is charged, it is fully functional during load shedding, allowing merchants to continue accepting payments.

The ZipZap app and devices have been intended for simplicity and speed. The super-fast ZipZap processing gateway offers transaction times that enable customers to make purchases quickly and painlessly.

Portable, light and durable, ZipZap has a brilliant battery life. Built on up-to-date point-to-point encryption and fully Visa and MasterCard certified and compliant, it meets all global payment security standards.