ZipZap is now completely EMV-certified

Owning a one (or two) man band business is tough, we know. Not only is it your sole accountability to deliver stellar goods or services to your customers, but the woes and weight of your enterprise also rests on your shoulders. Unless you were blessed with a love of accounting, it’s unlikely that managing payments is your main aim for starting the venture in the first place. That’s why you need a trusty aide to make transacting not only simpler and faster, but beneficial for your business too. We’re going to take a look at why choosing a mobile POS solution that’s registered on both the Visa Ready and MasterCard programs is a great idea.

MasterCard and Visa guarantee secure transactions worldwide

We’re proud that our mobile point-of-sale solution ZipZap is listed on both the above mobile POS programs. But what does this mean in practical terms and what are the MasterCard and Visa Ready programs all about anyway? MasterCard and Visa are credit and debit card payment processors. They ensure the safe transacting of millions of consumers’ money around the world. They’re essentially the middleman between the consumer and their bank. Without Visa and MasterCard, two well-trusted industry leaders who implement the most stringent payment security, the card data of you and your customers is at risk of fraud.

The mobile POS program acts as a consultative body to and evaluates mPOS solution providers

MasterCard’s mobile POS program, which includes 102 solutions providers, offers guidance and best practices to mobile point-of-sale solution suppliers and merchants to help small businesses and retailers use their mobile devices as secure POS payment terminals. That means that any solution provider registered under their program has met their stringent data security requirements and adheres to their best practices. By selecting a payments solution provider who has been vetted by them, you can guarantee you’re in safe hands.

Your marque will benefit from displaying the Visa and MasterCard logos

Using a payment solution that’s part of the MasterCard mobile POS program, you’ll be able to order decals and artwork from MasterCard’s brand centre to use on websites or to display in situ (whether you trade at markets, festivals or at a cafe). The MasterCard logo is highly recognisable, you’ll draw more clients in, give your business credibility and also give reassurance to those who choose to pay you by card. The same applies to the Visa logo.

Give yourself the freedom and flexibility of being able to receive both Visa and MasterCard cards

Visa’s program, reinforced by a similar premise, was designed to make selecting the right mobile POS solutions easier and ensure that you’ll select a payments provider who’ll allow you to transact securely. Their program includes merchants from all over the world and you can search for mobile POS solutions by country. By being both Visa and MasterCard certified, our mobile POS solution, and any vendor who uses it, has the ability to accept both types of cards. Given that there’s a mix of the two card types in circulation in South Africa, using ZipZap means you’ve got all bases covered and can accept card payments from anyone.