Mobile payments bring innovation and transformation to the healthcare sector

Mobile phones are giving us more choice, more connectivity and more ways in which to make and receive payments. They’ve not only changed our personal lives, but how companies and entrepreneurs are operating. Mobile phones and mobile payments are trends that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s not only businesses in retail that are benefiting, either. Health and beauty professionals are following the trend with mobile apps and mobile payments solutions to give them more flexibility and more control over their enterprise.

Nomsa, the GP from Polokwane

Nomsa is a general practitioner employed in Limpopo. As well as working at two general practices in different areas of Polokwane, she makes house calls after hours and at weekends. Her continuously changing schedule and the fact she’s always on the move has made it difficult to keep track of who has paid and who hasn’t. Some of her patients pay in cash, and others by EFT, so either she has to carry large amounts of cash on her, or she’s waiting for EFTs to clear. She then discovered a mobile app and mobile payments answer that let her accept card payments on the go. All she needed to start transacting, after downloading the mobile payment app and waiting for her card reader to arrive, was to make sure her smartphone was charged and that her 3G connection was working. She was also happy knowing her elderly patients no longer had to visit the bank to draw cash before her visit.

Acupuncturist Dr Lee from the Western Cape

Dr Lee has been practising acupuncture for over a decade in Cape Town. He works from his home practice in Pinelands, and his patients sometimes come from as far as Somerset West for treatment. Many of his patients would either forget to bring cash or not bring the right amount, or he would never have enough change to give them. Sometimes he’d forget who had paid what, and his generosity meant he would let patients pay on their next appointment, which started to adversely affect his cash flow. After discovering an affordable mobile payments solution, he was able to solve all his payment problems within a couple of days of applying for his mobile point-of-sale device. As he’d chosen a mobile payments supplier with the highest and most recent PCI compliance, his customers were assured that their sensitive card information would be kept secure.

Massage and beauty therapist Susanna, Jo’burg and Plettenberg Bay

Susanna is a massage and beauty therapist who works from her Johannesburg home, as it’s both more cost-effective and pleasant than renting a room at a beauty salon. Her customers also enjoy lower rates compared to what they’d pay at a salon. During the summer months she moves down to Plettenberg Bay and works from her parents’ house. The amount of business she enjoys during season means that dealing in cash is uncertain and involves many trips to the bank, plus cash deposit fees. Since applying for her mobile payment solution, she’s able to offer her clients the option to pay by card, whether she’s working at home in Jo’burg or in Plett during summer. Not only that, she can also view her operation history online and send her clients their receipts by SMS or email.