The significant uptake of smartphones in South Africa’s informal areas has revolutionised the potential for small business owners to access information and technology that can help them run their businesses better. Mobile payments are just one solution that help small businesses become more efficient, improve customer service and provide the option and convenience for customers who prefer to carry less cash and pay by card.

Mobile payments provide a safer, cashless society

In regions where cash has traditionally been the only form of official tender, mobile payments solutions are making it easier for people to buy goods without the need to carry cash on them. This move is a boon for people moving between the urban and rural areas as the option to pay by card means they no longer need to risk carrying a lot of cash on public transport. The ability to provide mobile payments also removes the barrier to entry for small businesses such as general dealers, hairdressers, taverns and lounges.

Improve customer service with mobile payments

Businesses in informal areas that can take mobile payments, put themselves at a competitive advantage. Mobile point of sale system speeds up transactions and by offering the convenience of card payments, small business owners can ensure that they don’t lose their card carrying customers to competitors that take cards and cash.

Improve security measures

Simply not carrying large amounts of cash on the premises will immediately improve safety and security for business owners and staff. A secure mobile payments solution has the added benefit of superior safety mechanisms that ensure all business and transactional data is secure.

Let ZipZap help you to save time and money

The technology of mobile payment solutions allows business owners faster transactions than old-school manual cash register. A ZipZap mPOS is a cost-effective, flexible and smart way of keeping up with your business’s growing transactions. You can buy the card machine outright, rent it or even use it for free if your card transactions exceed R25 000. Your business’s payment facilities can grow with your transactions without high capital investment or transaction costs (at 2.75%, ZipZap has one of the lowest in the country).

And if you’d prefer a standard POS machine – either countertop or portable, our monthly rentals and transaction fees are low.

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