The benefits of mobile point of sale to small business

Advances in payment technology have made it possible for small businesses to access the benefits of point of sale solutions, without the expense and fuss of traditional systems. Introducing, ZipZap, an easy, inexpensive pint-sized POS for your small business.

What is a mobile point of sale?

A mobile point of sale (mPOS) is, quite simply, a pint-sized piece of payment technology that allows you to use your smartphone, computer or tablet, to accept credit- and debit-card payments without the need for a clunky, old-school cash register. By downloading an mPOS app, like ZipZap, and pairing this with a card reader, you can immediately accept card payments and process transactions from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or Windows Desktop.. It also allows you to generate receipts and SMS or send an electronic version straight to your clients email address. It’s quick, it’s effective and it’s mobile.

Why it’s relevant?

With increasing concerns around personal security, less people are carrying significant amounts of cash on them. Added to this, as more and more vendors accept card payments, the sheer convenience of paying by card is now a table stake.. Traditionally, there has been a financial barrier to entry for small-and-medium businesses to provide sophisticated card payment systems because the hardware for traditional POS is relatively expensive. But with a mobile point of sale solutions, like ZipZap, the cost is significantly decreased as the hardware comprises solely of a smart device (phone or tablet), the free ZipZap app and an inexpensive card reader.

How does it work?

As a business, once you sign up with an mPOS provider you receive a card reader which connects to a smart device. You install the app on the device, and just like that, you can accept card transactions, issue e-receipts, track those payments, as well as track your goods and services.

Say hello to improved security

With a convenient mPOS solution like ZipZap, you can say hello to vastly improved security. Aside from avoiding the security risk of having to carry cash, an mPOS device means that all transactions are encrypted and the card details are not stored on the device. Small companies are now able to benefit from the advanced payment security previously only available to big businesses.

Increase sales with ZipZap

ZipZap mPOS is a cost-effective, flexible and smart way of keeping up with your business’s growing transactions. You can buy the card machine outright, rent it or even use it for free if your card transactions exceed R25 000. Apply for a ZipZap card machine today