Customers are key to the health and well-being of any business, so it stands to reason that growing your business hinges largely on growing a base of satisfied customers who will return and spread the good name of your company. By saving them precious time and making their shopping as convenient an experience as possible, you are already well on your way to growing your company.

Make it easy to open up new registers when the lines get too long

With time at a premium for just about everyone these days, businesses that create a seamless purchasing experience, that negates having to wait in long queues, are more likely achieve customer satisfaction.By using a point of sale (POS) that connects to a tablet, computer or smart phone you can easily add sales points during peak business times. What’s more you don’t need to be stuck behind a till and can bring the checkout point to wherever your customers are.

Use integrated payments

By using an integrated payment solution like ZipZap, your card reader connects directly with your POS (smartphone, computer or tablet) which makes the entire checkout process much faster and more secure. It also means that you can centralise all of your operations because you can access your shop’s information and process payments in the same place. Electronic receipts can be sent immediately via SMS or to a customer’s email, saving time and paper.

Embrace online marketing

Whether you choose to market your services in the real world or online, it is important to promote your business. Using online technology to advertise your business has the advantage of being relatively inexpensive and reaching a large audience. You can also experiment and track your performance on various platforms to see where you achieve the most traction and gain the most loyal following.

Diversify your business

Run a competition, offer a promotion to satisfied customers and experiment withdifferent locations to see where your business works best. With mobile services like ZipZap, you can try out new areas by signing up for a market stall or taking a short lease for a pop-up shop. Think about who your customers are and which locations they are likely to inhabit, and shift your business accordingly.

Encourage foot traffic

How many times have you walked into a supermarket with intention of buying only bread and milk but walked out with a basket full of groceries? Foot traffic is important as it introduces potential customers to products they might not have realised they wanted or needed. Make sure it is easy for your potential customers to discover you through eye-catching displays and signs advertising your business. Make sure it’s easy to identify what product or service you sell and mark your prices clearly.

Speak to your customers

One of the easiest ways to ensure customer satisfaction is to ask your customers what they want. Whether it’s a quick chat at the checkout or a structured questionnaire, ask your customers what they love about your business as well as what isn’t working for them. Regularly check in to see if there are any additional products they would like you to provide and tweak your business accordingly.

Increase sales with ZipZap

ZipZap mPOS is a cost-effective, flexible and smart way of keeping up with your business’s growing transactions. You can buy the card machine outright, rent it or even use it for free if your card transactions exceed R25 000.Apply fora ZipZap card machine today.