There’s an old adage that “the customer is always right” and these days playing to the whims of the customer means providing a range of payment options from cash to card. It might seem inconvenient for small merchants to provide the infrastructure for card payments, but, in truth, by implementing a simple and affordable mobile payment solution (mPOS), vendors can reap more rewards than simply keeping their customers happy.

Level the playing field with your competitors

It is no secret that customers are spoilt for choice and that includes how they pay for products and services. Personal security is an increasing concern and as a result fewer people carry cash on them. By accepting credit and debit card payments you can prevent customers leaving your store to purchase products from your competitors who do accept cards. Customers are also more likely to make larger, impulse purchases when they can pay by card.

Improve your cash flow

The electronic nature of card payments can help improve a vendor’s cash flow, payments are quick, efficient and the proceeds of a sale are deposited directly into your bank account. There’s no waiting for bills to be paid, cash to be banked, or cheques to clear.

Secure your transactions

The relatively low transaction fee card payments incurs, is well worth the reduced security risk and convenience of not having to handle or store large volumes of cash. A slew of regulations and safeguards protects small businesses and their customers when paying by card.  A simple mPOS solution like ZipZap works for debit and credit card payments and carries the lowest transaction fee in South Africa of only 2.75%. And no settlement or minimum transaction fees are charged. 

What types of payments can your card machine accept

A ZipZap card reader works with an app that can be downloaded for free from your smartphone’s app store or the ZipZap website. Debit or credit card payments are processed through the app in conjunction with the card reader which works like any other card machine. Customers simply insert or swipe their card and enter their PIN.Payment information is encrypted and uses the latest technology to ensure that every transaction is fast and secure.

Cheques: forget about it!

Although still accepted, particularly for large payments, cheques leave vendors open to fraud, bounced payments and long waiting periods for their money. Card payments, however, are screened by the respective banks, so if customer doesn’t have cash or credit available the transaction will be declined.

A simple, smart payment solution

ZipZap mPOS is a cost-effective, flexible and smart way of keeping up with your business’s growing transactions. You can buy the card machine outright, rent it or even use it for free if your card transactions exceed R25 000. Your business’s payment facilities can grow with your transactions without high capital investment or transaction costs (at 2.75%, ZipZap has one of the lowest in the country).

And if you’d prefer a standard POS machine – either countertop or portable, our monthly rentals and transaction fees are low.Apply fora ZipZap card machine today.