It’s not always easy for business owners to introduce a mobile payment solution in their businesses. How much will it cost? Will it be easy for your staff to use? Is it reliable enough? We’d like to suggest a different approach: focus on the benefits of mPOS and see how they solve the problems you may have. Here are a few common ones.

1. Improve the customer experience

The ZipZap mPOS card machine is fast, reliable and easy to use. All you need is the card reader, a smartphone and the free ZipZap mobile app. Your customers can make card payments on the go and receive electronic receipts via SMS or email.

2. Keep security in check

ZipZap card machines are 100% compliant with the latest security standards set out in thePayment Card Industry Data Security Standard regulations. Not only do you improve the security of your business by reducing cash transactions, you also ensure that your card transactions are as secure as possible.

3. Give mobility a go

There’s room and opportunity for almost any kind of fixed business to go mobile. Markets, house calls and trade shows are just a few of the ways a business can increase its footprint. With a solution like ZipZap mPOS, you don’t have to chase invoices or deal with a large volume of cash or EFT transactions. It’s the ticket your business has been waiting for to give mobility a go.

4. Cut the queues

Too many customers change their minds about their purchases at the last minute because of long queues. ZipZap card machines are excellent for controlling checkout traffic by allowing you to take payments in your queue during peak sales periods. You can also take card payments on your floor, helping customers make quicker buying decisions and opening the door for upselling.

5. Keep up with growing sales

ZipZap mPOS is a cost-effective, flexible and smart way of keeping up with your business’s growing transaction volumes. You can buy the card machine outright, rent it or even use it for free if your card transactions exceed R25 000. Your business’s payment facilities can grow with your transactions without high capital investment or transaction costs (at 2.75%, ZipZap has one of the lowest in the country).

Apply for an EFTPOS or ZipZap card machine today.