Many businesses delay the acceptance of card payments because they are overwhelmed or intimidated by the change. But if they knew that card machines had the potential to grow their business, boost their reputation and keep their stores secure, they would probably overcome this reluctance easily. Can one solution deliver on all these promises? Without a doubt. And here’s all the proof you need.

Cards are everywhere

By 2022, there will be 17 billion payment cards active worldwide. Card payments are second only to cash when it comes to their popularity among customers. Accepting them gives your business a level of credibility that cash-only businesses don’t have. With EFTPOS, you can choose from a desktop or portable card machine to introduce your business to card payments. Both devices support tap-and- go functionality, something that will give your business the competitive edge.

Increase sales

Paying with debit and credit cards encourages customers to spend more. They lead to bigger purchases and more impulse buys. You know all those last-minute temptations you keep at your counter? Customers are more likely to give in to them when they can’t see the money actually leave their possession. With a ZipZap mobile card machine, you can even process payments in your till queue and on the shop floor.

Cut theft and fraud

As practical and universal as it is, cash still has its drawbacks when it comes to security. There’s always the risk of counterfeiting. Additionally, holding cash on your premises might encourage crime. All EFTPOS and ZipZap devices are PCI-certified and adhere to the latest industry security standards.

Give your business a licence to succeed with simple, reliable and secure card payments.

Apply for an EFTPOS or ZipZap card machine today.