Why EFTPOS makes more cents for you

We acknowledge the value of money. It has helped businesses to grow, markets to expand and nations to trade, but there is more than one way of handling it. Embracing a multichannel payment society is becoming more of a reality in South Africa. Three-quarters of South African adults have some form of bank account, which means that they’re able to pay with card and cash. By becoming the business that caters for different types of customers, you can set yourself up for faster growth. Let’s see how EFTPOS can help.

The EFTPOS advantage

Gone are the days when setting up a payment solution was a painful exercise. Now there’s a range of options that makes it a breeze to implement and run. Electronic payment methods are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Moreover, they improve several parts of your business.

Advanced yet intuitive

Our ZipZap card reader connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or your Windows computer via USB so you can use it on the go. Paying with ZipZap is simple. You enter an amount and description on the free app and your customer inserts or swipes their debit or credit card and enters their PIN on the secure mobile card machine.

Reduce cash theft

Internal theft can be halted because EFTPOS payments go straight into your bank account. Sometimes, employees can pocket money when they overcharge customers and get away with this by not ringing up the transaction or not issuing a receipt. Customers generally don’t want a receipt for small items, which allows thieving employees the opportunity to get away with cash theft. With ZipZap, your customers can choose to receive an email or SMS receipt after a payment has gone through. We will also send you a monthly statement with a six-month record of your transaction history. In this way, you can monitor any unusual transactions.

Higher sales amounts

Businesses that accept debit or credit cards can benefit from increased sales. People can only carry so much cash on them, but if there’s an option to pay by card, they may be tempted to buy more, which leads to more impulse buying. Cardholders spend more because it’s not a tangible transfer of money and only reflects later. Studies also show that cardholders focus more on the benefits of a product or service compared with its cost. With an EFTPOS desktop or portable terminal, both of which are reliable and easy to use, you deliver the convenience of card payments to your customers and watch your sales totals soar. As the world moves towards more convenient and less painful payment options, you will do well to move with it. Apply now.