Why card machines bring more feet into your store

Every small business owner wants to make money, which is one of the reasons they’re in business. The best way to do this is to ensure you never lose a sale by not meeting your customer’s needs. So what do customers want? They want convenience, especially when it comes to the products or services they’re looking for and how they can pay for them. This means that you have to be open to several payment methods and not restrict yourself only to cash.

Increase your turnover by as much as 50%

Almost eight out of every 10 South Africans (77%) have a bank account, which means that fewer people carry around cash these days. By introducing a card machine in your business and taking payments by debit or credit card, you won’t ever lose a sale when a customer leaves to withdraw cash and doesn’t return. You will also attract more customers because they know they can pay you in a way that best suits them.

Get quick access to your cash

Not having cash on hand cuts the cost of cash deposits at the bank. The fee that you pay to accept a card payment is low and remains at the same percentage, no matter what amount your customer is paying you. And your customer will not pay any extra fees when paying with a card. All card payments are settled in your bank account within 24 to 48 hours of the transaction so you can have quick and easy access to your funds.

Enjoy the security of a card

No one wants to lose their hard-earned cash to criminals. Customers don’t like carrying around too much cash, and less cash in your business makes it less tempting for any criminals – you also face a lower risk of your staff members stealing your money. Card payments give you and your customers peace of mind because they offer greater security.

We have the right card machine for you

We have the perfect card machine to match your needs whatever type of business you’re operating. EFTPOS has desktop and portable POS systems that use dual-SIM functionality to optimise signal strength and communications. If you want something a little more lightweight, our ZipZap mobile POS devices make excellent companions for mobile and fixed businesses alike, with a free and easy-to-use app that streamlines card transactions. Apply now for one of our reliable and secure card machines and take your business to the next level.