Here’s all you need to know about the ZipZap payment app

Business owners often delay taking on new payment innovations because they don’t have the time to learn a new system or interface, or train their staff on it. Which is why ZipZap is such a clever choice of mobile POS – both the card reader and the payment app are simple and intuitive. In fact, all the essential details about the ZipZap payment app are summarised below.

ZipZap is free

You can download the ZipZap payment app for free on the Apple App Store , Google Play Store , Windows Phone Store and the Amazon Appstore . You can also download the desktop software for Windows PCs on the ZipZap website.

ZipZap is easy to use

Transactions are a breeze. Simply insert or swipe the debit or credit card, enter the amount, a description of the purchase and complete the transaction.

ZipZap is versatile

The ZipZap payment app is compatible with most smart devices. So you can use it on your smartphone or tablet to enable payments when your business is on-the-go. It can also be used in conjunction with one of our traditional point-of-sale terminals to minimise queues in your store by taking payments on the floor. The system is also downloadable onto your Windows desktop with a connection via USB to use at your payment counter.

ZipZap is smart

You can view a daily, monthly and complete transaction history with the ZipZap app, which you can also access and export from the myEFTPOS portal for reporting. Your customers can also choose to receive their digital receipts via SMS or email.

ZipZap is secure

The ZipZap payment app does not store any unencrypted record of card numbers or PINs. All the information processed by the ZipZap card reader is encrypted and both the app and the reader are PCI certified.

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