10 quick mobile payment facts

Mobile payments are a valuable addition to any business. However, some business owners mightstill need some convincing. If you happen to be one of them, here’s a quick reference list for all the reasons a solution such as ZipZap mPOS is a profitable investment.

1. Payment cards are forecasted to grow to 17 billion worldwide by 2022. That’s three payment cards for every person on Earth.

2. Mobile payments can save you money. ZipZap transaction fees are levied at a low 2.75%, so you can generate revenue while keeping costs low.

3. Mobile payments are secure. ZipZap is fully compliant with the latest payment industry security standards, which guarantee you and your customers secure transactions at all times.

4. Younger consumers prefer mobile payments. Millennials and Generation Z are drawn to technological innovations and already form a big segment of the buying population.

5. Mobile payments encourage impulse purchases. Consumers are usually a lot more sober about their purchases when they pay with cash. However, card payments encourage impulse purchases and higher spend.

6. Mobile businesses are on the rise. Entrepreneurs who can’t afford high rental fees are taking their businesses on the go and using mobile payments to remain competitive.

7. Fixed businesses are finding more reasons to go mobile. Fixed businesses have identified opportunities to grow their revenue and customer base by creating pop-up stores or taking their business to a market with the help of mobile payments. Mobile POS terminals complement traditional POS terminals perfectly.

8. Mobile payments are an excellent addition to traditional POS systems. Mobile payments can be used as a queue buster and to process sales from anywhere in the business away from the till.

9. Customers prefer choice when it comes to payment options. Some prefer cash and others prefer card payments. Your safest bet is to offer convenience and choice to customers.

10. Mobile payments are ideal for any size of business. Whether you’re a sole trader or a generously staffed business, there’s a place and use for mobile payments somewhere in your business.