Grow your business with a smart payment strategy

Everyone says that you have to keep your start-up growing to keep it from dying. What they hardly ever agree on is how to achieve sustained growth. We have a theory: business growth can often be directly linked to a business’s cash flow. After all, this is how money comes into the business so it’s important that the system works smoothly. And the best way to achieve that is with a growth-ready payment strategy. Here are the fundamentals of an effective one.

Offer more ways to pay

Consumers want options even if they won’t necessarily use them all. They’re satisfied with the fact that the option is there when they need it. When your business supports more payment methods, it supports more customers.

Keep your business compliant

Non-compliance is a massive risk for a growing business. Not only does it affect your reputation and your relationship with stakeholders, it has the potential to cripple your business’s financial health with fines and penalties. Ensure that your business is 100% compliant by choosing payment solutions that comply with quality and security standards – like ZipZap mPOS, which is compliant with the latest PCI standards.

The power of plastic

Payment cards are forecasted to grow to 17 billion worldwide by 2022. Customers love paying with debit and credit cards and businesses that cater for this are streets ahead of their competitors. A ZipZap card machine is a simple and affordable way for your business to join the card revolution.

Invest in flexible payment solutions

If you want your business to grow sustainably and cost-effectively, your payment solutions should be equipped to adapt with your business. For instance, ZipZap can be used as your business’s primary POS system, but it’s also completely mobile and is a great add-on for accepting payments on the go. Apply for your ZipZap card machine today.