Build up your hobby business with a mobile card machine

When you first started your hobby business it was probably just that, a skill that a few friends (and whoever they referred to you) were willing to pay for. Then strangers outside your friendship circle starting showing a genuine interest in your products or services. Finally, it became obvious that you had a viable business and would have to treat it as such. A key part of expanding your hobby business means investing in a mobile card machine. Here are the benefits a mobile card machine can bring to your hobby business.

Improve accounting

A mobile card machine like ZipZap will keep an automatic electronic record of all transactions. This transaction history can be imported directly to MS Excel or the accounting platform of your choice. There’s less chance of human error because the data isn’t entered manually, which is another cost- and time-saver.

Encourage bigger purchases

Scenario: A customer orders product A and when they come to pay and collect, you try to cross-sell them compatible product B. But they only brought enough cash for product A and you don’t accept card payments. Do you see the problem? With ZipZap you can close all your cross-sells and upsells on the spot.

Tighten security

With card fraud on the increase, it’s important for merchants to keep all their transactions secure all the time. ZipZap mobile card machines are regularly graded and adhere to the latest Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards.

Speed up transactions

Most mobile payment solutions promise fast transactions, but are they really? Traditionally, the customer scans a code, the merchant scans a code, the customer confirms the merchant’s code and they wait for the transaction’s authorisation. However, ZipZap works as intuitively (and as quickly) as traditional card machines with the added benefit of mobility.

Gain valuable data

Remember all the data your ZipZap mobile card machine collects with every transaction? Well, over time, it can become a valuable trove of information. Plug it into the right analytics tool and you can gain insights into your customers’ buying patterns, seasonal trends and which products are failing or succeeding.