Card machines play a key role in your retail solutions

All retailers know (or should know) that card machines are an essential retail requirement. They have been a staple of the industry for decades and their benefits are clear and well-established. Instead of unpacking why your retail business needs a card machine, let’s explore the four best ways to do it instead.

1. Let your business lead

The card machine you choose should meet the needs of your business better than any other. So let your business’s unique needs lead the search for your ideal solution. Are you trying to keep your queues short, take your business on the go or appeal to a younger, more tech-savvy audience? Then card machines are the answer.

2. Prioritise security

Payment security is one of the leading drivers of payment innovation. If you’re considering a card machine that isn’t 100% compliant with industry standards, expect expensive fines and a tarnished reputation. ZipZap card machines are PCI-compliant and guarantee secure transactions for you and your customers.

3. Remember omnichannel

Omnichannel retail, the seamless integration between in-store, in-app, online and social media transaction environments, is gaining popularity as an industry trend. A card machine (and how well it integrates with other systems) is an important element of your omnichannel retail solution. For instance, ZipZap card machines integrate seamlessly with Humble Till, a full-suite POS system that unifies sales, inventory and accounting.

4. Choose right

ZipZap card machines are designed to fit into any retail business. Whether you’re looking for new business opportunities at markets or to optimise your sales operations in store, ZipZap is an excellent addition to your retail solutions. All you need to get started is a ZipZap card reader and a smartphone, tablet or PC. It’s that simple!