Mobile card machines ring up change for small businesses

Small business owners are sometimes guilty of resisting change. They assume that if they stick to what already works, they won’t risk rocking the boat too much. Why rush to get a mobile card machine when cash works just fine? We’re glad you asked. Here are a few reasons why mobile card machines can transform small businesses.

Increase sales

It’s simple – introducing card payments means you don’t have to turn away card-carrying customers. Card payments also encourage higher ticket value, especially when customers opt to use credit cards. Finally, a mobile card machine allows you to accept payments on the go, which is a further revenue booster.

Save time and money

ZipZap has the lowest transaction fees in South Africa at 2.75%. There are no settlement fees or minimum transaction fees. Mobile card machines for small businesses are convenient cost-cutters that can also help generate revenue.

Keep payments secure

ZipZap uses sophisticated encryption techniques to ensure that all transaction data is kept secure. It’s also PCI-compliant and adheres to the latest international security standards.

Widen your reach

When you take your business on the go with a mobile card machine, you gain access to customers who might not have come across your business otherwise. You might discover that your products perform better when sold door-to-door or at markets.

Encourage impulse purchases

It’s a fact that card payments encourage impulse purchases. Customers are less hesitant to pay cash because they can literally see their money dwindle. Card payments overcome this psychological barrier and give your business more sales to ring up.