Why the WisePad should be your first choice

Easy mobility is a defining feature of today’s business, thanks to technology like ZipZap’s WisePad mobile point-of-sale. Coupled with a free app for a smartphone, tablet or computer, this mobile card reader makes it easy to do business on the go. Point-to-point encryption ensures that card payments are secure and transaction records are readily accessible for convenient reference. The WisePad offers a level of functionality that translates directly into increased agility for businesses.

A simple app

The ZipZap app is free to download via your operating system’s app store or the ZipZap website. Apply for the WisePad online and submit your supporting documents and choose from three different payment options. You will receive your WisePad within a couple of days. Use Bluetooth to pair your WisePad with a smartphone or tablet, or a USB cable to pair it with a Windows Desktop computer. Transactions are initiated on the app and your customers can choose whether they want to get their receipts via email or SMS. You can reverse a transaction with ease if the need arises.

A user-friendly reader

The simplicity of using the WisePad is something your customers will also appreciate. You will never have to give your mobile device to the customer. Simply hand them the WisePad device so they can put in their PIN once you have entered the transaction amount on your smartphone or tablet.

Any data captured on the card reader remains encrypted with sophisticated payment technology and won’t be accessible from your smartphone, tablet or computer. This ensures that your customer’s card details remain safe, an assurance backed by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Debit or credit cards

The WisePad mPos supports debit and credit card transaction simply: all that’s required to process a transaction is to enter the purchase amount and the description on the app. The card reader will capture the customer’s PIN and card number, encrypt this data and transmit it to ZipZap’s gateway for processing.

Reliable record-keeping

A concise transaction history will be kept on the user’s smartphone, tablet or computer via the app. This is supported by the full transaction history which is available through the ZipZap gateway. You will also receive a monthly ZipZap statement showing all your transactions.

Apply for your WisePad card reader from ZipZap today.