16 handy tips to boost your Christmas sales

The Christmas season is around the corner and with it comes the promise of increased sales. But an uptick in sales over the festive season isn’t always guaranteed – you must work towards it. Whether it’s marketing, staff management, cashflow management or payment processing, there’s always a part of your business worth improving to ring up those Christmas sales. Here are 16 tips to get you started.

For new businesses

1. Don’t hesitate to slash prices. You might be worried that you will lose revenue, but the higher volume of Christmas sales will make up for it.

2. Pay attention to what your competition is doing. You can learn a great deal from what your competition gets right (or wrong).

For growing businesses

3. Switch your Christmas marketing strategy. If you’ve been doing traditional marketing, switch to digital or balance both. Try not to repeat the same strategy of the previous years.

4. Offer referral deals. Get your customers to market your business to their friends and family in exchange for discounts. Word of mouth is still an effective marketing tactic.

For established fixed businesses

5. Consider the possibility of going mobile for the season. Try out a market or sell your products door to door as a limited-time premium service.

6. Use mobile POS (mPOS) solutions such as ZipZap to cut down queues at the till and make Christmas sales anywhere in your store.

For on-the-go businesses

7. Introduce gift voucher and gift-wrapping services as part of your seasonal promotions.

8. Ensure that you have a reliable card machine like ZipZap mPOS so you never miss a sale wherever your business takes you.

For market vendors

9. Don’t wait for customers to come to you. Leave your stall occasionally and walk around the market with your products and a card machine.

10. Give your customers a little something for free as a Christmas gift.

For out-of-home/hobby businesses

11. If you make crafts, introduce a range of Christmas-themed items.

12. Stay open late on Christmas Eve. Last-minute shoppers will be grateful for the added convenience.

For service businesses

13. Extend your business hours and slash your call-out rates. Home improvements and renovations are common during the festive season – don’t hesitate to capitalise on this trend.

14. Stop chasing invoices and improve your cashflow with a mobile card machine like ZipZap so you can take payments after every job.

For spaza shops and taverns

15. Introduce an Emergency Christmas Pack – a bundle of Christmas essentials for busy workers who don’t get a chance to shop for Christmas.

16. Host a Christmas Eve party for the neighbourhood and sell tickets for entertainment or a Christmas raffle.