How small business can cash in on the Black Friday weekend

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become important dates on the retail calendar for good reason – they are loved by retailers and consumers alike. Small businesses that don’t capitalise on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend are missing out on a valuable opportunity to increase sales revenue. If small business owners take the right approach, consumers who are looking for bargains will be lining up outside the door. Here are five easy tips you can use to boost sales on this bumper shopping weekend:

1. Countdown to the shopping bonanza

There’s nothing like a sense of urgency to combat indecisiveness and get customers moving through your business. A timer counting down to the moment the promotion will expire will invariably help to cut through the clutter when customers are comparing prices. Including it in mails, social media channels and on landing pages will help to create the hype ahead of time.

2. Intensify your online efforts

It will be a mistake to focus online marketing efforts on Cyber Monday only as online shopping also includes Black Friday. Even walk-in customers will want to do their research in advance. Make sure your promotions for this weekend are advertised online well ahead of time and are grouped together and clearly labelled for these days.

3. Strike a different note

Perhaps the most challenging part of shopping days like these is the fact that nearly everyone else is doing it too. Breaking through the noise requires something special and for this, you will have to apply a little out-of-the-box thinking. Pay close attention to what your competition is (and isn’t) offering.

4. Consolidate your channels

Email, social media and cellphones are all important marketing channels – and you need to utilise all of them. Reach the audiences you’ve built on these platforms with a consistent message that’s closely integrated with your broader marketing strategy. This consistency will pay off over time.

5. Approach it like a product launch

Product launches are all about building excitement in advance so that there will be queues outside your door when the day arrives. To achieve this, consider novel ways to offer sneak peeks and extend early access to special offers for loyal customers and early-bird shoppers.