Four simple tips for luring millennials to your business

If you ask a few people what a millennial is, you’ll quickly realise that their most defining trait is that they’re incredibly hard to define. Some say that they’re the most narcissistic generation ever, others think that they are excellent multitaskers, while a few are happy to just dismiss them as the generation with widespread Peter Pan Syndrome.

Whatever your opinion of millennials is, one thing is clear: they can’t be ignored. Millennials are now an influential part of the global economy, especially considering that a lot of them are of home-owning family-raising age. If you want to succeed as a business owner, you have to cater to their needs. And while it’s futile to generalise about this particular generation, there are a few guaranteed commonalities among them.

If you want to win the loyalty of millennials, try these basic tactics.

Give them free WiFi

Millennials live most of their lives through their smartphones. Wherever they are, they’re sure to be refreshing their Instagram feeds or snapping their activities. Nothing is too mundane for a millennial to tweet about, including routine visits to stores. By providing them with free WiFi, you’re essentially encouraging them to stay connected with their extended universe while they get a haircut or enjoy their lunch. This is not something they can easily get at any business, so they’re sure to patronise your business more because of it.

Place an emphasis on convenience

An element of convenience will draw any customer, not just millennials, to your business. However, millennials tend to appreciate convenience more than the general population. They hail taxis with their phones, they shop online and they attend lectures via video conferencing. If there is any way that you can make their buying experience quicker or more convenient, do it.

As a business owner, the urge is to keep customers in your business for a while to improve the chances of them making a purchase. But millennials typically browse online and they know what they want by the time they walk into your store, therefore making the actual buying process as smooth and fast as possible is your best plan of action.

Diversify your payment methods

Ordinarily, if you accept cash and cards then you’re all set as a business. But not when it comes to millennials. Millennial customers prefer to have choice – way more choice than just two. Innovators have been coming up with ways for consumers to pay with anything from their smartphones to jewellery, and millennials are eating it up. If you don’t want to commit to several different payment methods and all of the supporting infrastructure that comes with them, why not simply improve the ones you do have? Your POS system, for example, can do so much more than just sit on top of your counter. With a mobile POS device, you can accept card payments anywhere in your business. You can even take it with you on the go if you run a mobile business. (Remember what we said about convenience?)

Keep them engaged through social media

Lastly, millennials are very social beings. Well, sort of. Their social interactions are mostly virtual. They make up the majority of the population on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If there’s one place you’re likely to reach them, it’s on social media. Which is why you need to ensure that you’re interacting with them through these channels. You can run promotions, tend to customer complaints (and occasional compliments) or just join the conversation by using any combination of the social media platforms currently available. This is also an effective method of gaining insight into your customer base and their opinion of your brand. Put up your social media handles in your business somewhere all of your customers can see and offer freebies for your first 1 000 followers, for example. The point is to be accessible and interactive while still marketing your business well.

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